Teen Reading Club

The Pemberton Library Teen Club will be offering a unique program this fall.
Hipsters Anonymous Book Club- a girls only book club for ages 13-18 and the books that we will be reading and sharing will feature female leads. The aim of the book club, besides sharing awesome books, will be to create a safe place to discuss any of the issues that are brought up in the books we are reading (or any that aren’t), to empower young women to be strong, independent, intelligent, passionate, creative women, and to help grow and foster a Pembie sisterhood. In addition to the meeting once a month for book club guided discussion, there is also the possibility of creative artistic creations related to the book such as photography, oil and watercolor painting, hand illustration, film or otherwise.

The initial meet up for Hipsters Anonymous will be on Monday, October 5th at the public library, and the remainder of meet ups will be at the Pemberton Secondary High School Library during lunch period (dates TBD).

Hipsters Anonymous is by registration only, please follow the link to register today!