Borrow from another library


 *Temporarily Suspended*

We are pleased to introduce Inter-library Connect (ILC).

Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton libraries have joined forces to offer you improved access to more materials. You can now place holds on items from the Squamish and Whistler libraries and get them sent to your home library for pick up.

When searching for an item, our catalogue will automatically search Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish libraries to find the item you are looking for.


If you weren’t able to find the item you wanted in our catalogue, try finding it in another BC library using Illume, a catalogue for all BC libraries.

If you find it at another library, request it to be delivered to your home library for pick up!


NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Service) is an online library of books in DAISY, MP3 audio, Braille and e-text formats for individuals with print disabilities.

NNELS produces and collects books in accessible formats and makes them available through public libraries. If you can’t find the book you are looking for in our catalogue you can request it in the format you need from NNELS.

NNELS is funded and supported by provincial and territorial governments.


If you’re on the road and find yourself in another BC public library, you can easily borrow items. The best part is that you can return these items to any other BC public library, so if you’re traveling through BC, it’s easy to drop items off as you go.

We call this program BC OneCard.


 Who is entitled to BC OneCard service?

Any BC resident who can show a valid public library card. Simply take your home public library card and current ID into any participating public library in BC other than your home library and ask for a BC OneCard decal.

 Where can I use it?

Use your BC OneCard at any public library in the province. At each library you will also need to provide current ID with proof of your contact information.

 What does the BC OneCard service include?

It allows you to check out materials and use services determined by each individual public library. Check with each library for a list of what it provides.

What can I borrow from the Pemberton Library with my BC One Card?

Pemberton Library allows BC One Card users to borrow up to 15 items, with 3 of the items being audio-visual materials.

 Where do I return materials that I’ve borrowed?

The library you borrow the materials from will let you know when they are due back. You can return items to the library you borrowed them from, or to any participating BC OneCard library in the province – including your own library when you get home.

 Where do I pay fines owing on books I borrow?

Fines and charges on materials are payable to the library you borrowed them from. Libraries are unable to take payment or charges that accumulate on items borrowed from other libraries.