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The Pemberton & District Public Library is a registered charity under the Canadian Income Tax Act and can provide charitable donation receipts for financial contributions over $25. These contributions will be used for Library materials, programming or equipment.  If the donor wishes to specify the use to which money is to be put, a special agreement with the Library is necessary at the time that the donation is made.

Non-monetary donations may be accepted at the discretion of the Library Director if they are considered to further the mission, goals, and objectives of the Library.  Please note that the Library no longer accepts donations of books and other materials due to the associated costs of evaluating, sorting, and processing these items.


Ricky Dube $200.00 June 2023
Margaret Riley $100.00 December 2022
Frank Ingham $100.00 December 2022
Tom McDermott $100.00 December 2022
Jo-Ann Hannah $3,500 March 2022
Frank Ingham $100.00 December 2021
Margaret Riley $100.00 December 2021
Barbara Brooks $200.00 September 2021
On behalf of Julie Kelly $200.00 February 2021
George & Barbara Brooks $300.00 December 2020
Adam Adams $500.00 December 2020
Margaret Riley $100.00 December 2020
Frank Ingham $100.00 December 2020
Danielle Menzel $100.00 December 2020
Adam Adams $500.00 December 2019
George Brooks $300.00 December 2019
Barbara Brooks $250.00 July 2019
Louis Potvin $10,000.00 April 2019
Adam Adams $500.00 December 2018
Pemberton Women’s Institute $500.00 September 2018
Rosemary Kerr $100.00 July 2018
Richard Nott Recurring
Todd Schritt $100.00 July 2018
Tom McDermott $100.00 June 2018
In Memory of David Midgley $100.00 April 2018
Judith Walton $100.00 March 2018
Whistler Blackcomb Foundation $40,000.00 Grant December 2017
Laura Downs $100.00 December 2017
Lutz Haufschild $100.00 December 2017
Micah & Steven Davidson $500.00 November 2017
Pemberton Lions Club $500.00 October 2017
David MacKenzie $100.00 October 2017
SLRD Area C $50,000.00 Grant November 2016


Would you like to make a donation to the Library? Just print off a Charitable donation form to mail in.

You may also drop off your donation in person or donate Online  by credit/debit card or paypal.