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Guide To Rosetta Stone

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Getting Started with Rosetta Stone

Signing in and creating an account

Step 1. Click the following link to sign in to Rosetta Stone with your email address and PIN code: Visit Rosetta Stone.

Step 2. On the Rosetta Stone sign in page, enter an email address, create a password to be used for Rosetta Stone, and select the language you wish to learn, then click Sign In. This account is used for helping you to keep track of your progress.

Step 3. Click Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3 from the Rosetta Stone admin page.

This admin page provides information on technical support, computer requirements, and reports to track your progress for all of the languages you are learning.

When you are launching a language course for the first time you will be asked a few questions.

  1. Identify your type of voice, so that it can be used in the pronunciation portions of the course.
  2. Select a course for your chosen language, there are several to choose from with different duration times, and can focus on either reading and writing, or listening and speaking. Click Apply Changes to begin your course.

You’ll be brought to the main screen. Click on Lesson One and enjoy learning your language!

Next time when you sign in to Rosetta Stone and launch the service, click on the Continue link on the main screen to carry on where you left off.


Course Contents for Rosetta Stone Language Training

Having an index of phrases and vocabulary can be handy while progressing through Rosetta Stone®.

If you’re having trouble remembering where a certain word or phrase is located, then consulting the Course Contents is an easy way to find it.